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Trouble Spot Nutrition Review – Is Trouble Spot Nutrition A Scam? – Get The Truth About This E-book With Our Reviews

Intro to Trouble Spot Nutrition

Trouble Spot Nutrition is a nutrition system/program introduced by Bruce Kahn in 2015. Who is Bruce Kahn? Bruce Kahn is a certified trainer and best-selling nutrition author with more than 20 years of experience. This nutrition program is divided into three phases – each teaching how to effectively balance hormones to shed those extra pounds and grow lean muscles. According to the author, losing weight is not just counting calories. In fact, it’s a lot more than simply keeping a check on calories. Bruce states most grown adults are unable to lose fat in their tummy, thighs, and hips due to a hormonal imbalance.

Three Phases

As aforementioned, this nutrition program has three phases. Let’s discuss them in a bit more detail.

• Phase 1: In this phase, you would learn how to effectively use DRS Cleanse – a nutrition plan for neutralizing HSD. Non-neutralized HSD would mean messed-up cortisol levels and fat accumulation in the unwanted regions of the body. There is no exercising involved in this phase.

• Phase 2: In this phase, the goal is to target certain stubborn body fats and how to mend hormonal imbalances by adhering to a customizable but simple meal plan devised by an established nutritionist.

• Phase 3: This phase focuses more on exercise. You would be following a bodyweight workout regime that would significantly increase your adrenaline levels. Adrenaline is a fat-burning hormone. By increasing adrenaline secretion, you would not be acquiring the body shape and look of a professional bodybuilder. The objective here is to quickly and safely repair metabolism and address the problematic regions. Just 15 minutes of working out per day would suffice.

Bonus Guides

Besides the three phases, this nutrition program has four additional bonus guides too. These are basically meal plans that help balance specific hormones and organs of the body.

• Estrogen Balancing: This plan offers a safe and unique nutrition strategy that would help you normalize your estrogen levels. High estrogen means the body would have to work overtime to lose fats from certain sections of the body. And even that level of toiling would not necessarily produce significant results.

• Thyroid Balancing: This guide was designed to benefit people having thyroid hormone imbalances. The plan would help restore the normal functioning of your thyroid and make trouble spots relating to your thyroid disappear fast.

• Testosterone Balancing: This meal plan was made to amend low testosterone issues in men. The lack of adequate amount of testosterone in the male body could lead to several health issues, such as increased storage of fat close to the body’s mid and upper sections.

• Activation Exercise Plan: This plan provides brief but effective exercise plans that help you get rid of stubborn fat by activating the beta receptors of your body.


• Expert-Backing

Bruce has appeared in several magazines and television programs. Along with his wife, who is a registered nutritionist, Bruce has coached several hundred individuals in Canada. With so much experience and knowledge, you can rest assured the information, meal plans, and exercise techniques you’re learning through this program are safe and effective.

• No More Starving

Unlike other nutrition or weight loss programs, Trouble Spot Nutrition puts the blame on the body’s hormones and not the food you eat. Those who couldn’t lose weight because they were unable to keep their favorite food at bay would be relieved at this piece of information.

• Benefits Everyone

It doesn’t matter what gender, age or shape you are – this nutrition program is designed to benefit anyone and everyone.

• Inexpensive

Despite offering a wealth of information, this program is surprisingly inexpensive. Moreover, Bruce slashes the price of this book time and again, making the deal even sweeter.


• Bodybuilding Aspirants Stay Away

If you’re planning to create a massive muscular body, stay away from this program. Bruce wants to help you make well-shaped muscles and not huge ones.

• Effort and Patience Required

Trouble Spot Nutrition does no magic. If you want to derive benefits, you would have to put in some effort consistently over a period of time.

• Digital Format

The program is sold as an e-book, which means you can access it anytime, anywhere.

Burn It Off

It doesn’t take much to scam a person. Create a product, add appeal, pack into a well-articulated sales pitch and you’re on your way to becoming an overnight millionaire. Well, that’s how some see it when they decide to venture into the diet and nutrition business.

The Dawn Of A New Age

As people, we are generally gullible. Which is why dietitians are always trying to shove one health product or another down our throats with the hope that some of us will bite and, ironically, lose weight. Bodyweight Burn is a weight loss product that has caused quite a stir in recent weeks, and quite understandably so. Forget tiresome workouts, throw away all those ‘fat burning’ tablets, welcome to the world of effective weight loss. Introducing, Bodyweight Burn, the next best thing since Zumba.

21 Minutes, That’s All It Takes

Bodyweight Burn is a workout regimen that consists of a series of short and effective daily workouts. All in all your workout will soon be reduced to three BW3 MultiBurn stages that keep you burning fat all day long.

MultiBurn Cardioflow

The body burns fat at a particular threshold beyond which no notable benefits can be harnessed. So, cardio flow is made up of traditional cardiovascular exercises that are spread out in such a way that they maximize on the body’s inherent ability to burn fat. Most of all, cardio flow has a moderate intensity about it that prevents the secretion of cortisol, a hormone whose release is prompted by excessive working out. Cortisol can make you gain weight, so cardio flow is there to bring balance, and it’s fun too!


More like dessert, but less enjoyable! The afterburner is yet another series of exercises, though a little more rigorous than cardio flow. The prescribed exercises are designed to ensure that the body’s metabolism is left running on autopilot. After this session, your body will -in an attempt to return to normal function and hormonal balance- burn calories in order to fuel the process of recovery. It’s so effective because you burn calories as you rest, sometimes for as long as 30 hours.

Metabolic Muscle Sessions

To seal the deal, the next thing on the menu are metabolic muscle sessions. Basically, you’ll be building lean muscle with a selected number of bulking and toning workouts. The whole idea is to build enough muscular strength to sustain longer and more demanding exercise. Therefore, the longer you can workout, the more fat you burn.

Now, onto the interesting part.

Review Bodyweight Burn – Is Bodyweight Burn A Scam? – Our Review Reveals All

From a strictly scientific standpoint Bodyweight burn is structured in such a way that when you minimize the intensity of your exercises and spread them out evenly, you burn much more fat than you normally would if you were spending an hour at the gym. It has been proven to be true.

The body can only take so much pounding, after which it naturally reclines into protective mode. This means that your usual fat burning jogs up and down the stairs will only be effective for a while. If it were a graph -vertical axis (length of time), the horizontal axis (effectiveness) then the graph would start with a sudden peak and slowly decline into a constant low.

Another thing that’s is gospel truth is that the more muscle you have, the more fat you will eventually burn during cardio. Moreover, as muscle tissue builds up it presses against fat reserves. This is yet another effective way to burn fat.

A Careful Afterthought

So, what are the odds that an overweight person will resist the temptation to try out Bodyweight Burn without a second thought? Not a chance. However, physiological and genetic makeup are two very important decisive factors worth considering. This program is not a one size fits all. Of course, allowance is made for such differences. But if you’re genetically configured to gain weight easily you will have to extend your sessions slightly.

Take It With A Pinch Of Salt

Furthermore, reviews should always be taken with a pinch of salt. Competition has resulted in rivalries being reduced to hollow disparaging that has no real worth to the user. All I can say for now is, try it out, the proof is in the pudding. After all, you have nothing to lose.

Here Are The Benefits

Protein intake is essential for all types of people. It is needed more by individuals undergoing significant body growth like children, teenagers, and pregnant women. Bodybuilding requires a significant amount of protein intake. Without the help of protein, it is not possible to add bulk to the muscles. The advantage of taking protein supplement is that it helps increase lean muscle mass. Such advantages are possible only when the right type of protein supplement is taken. Wheelhouse Nutrition | New Zealand Whey Protein Powder is an excellent solution for fulfilling body’s protein requirements. There are many benefits of making whey protein a part of daily diet.

Milk has two types of protein – whey protein and casein protein. Whey protein is extracted from the milk during the cheese-making process. It is considered safer compared to casein because it is less allergic. Whey protein has all essential nine amino acids. It is a complete protein that is low in lactose. It is a mix of beta lactoglobulin, alpha lactalbumin, immunoglobins and bovine serum albumin. There are many health benefits of whey protein supplement intake.

Muscle Gain
Protein is the main building block of all types of muscles. There are significant benefits of taking whey protein powder to increase muscle mass. When combined with effective exercises and a healthy diet, it can do wonders in gaining the required muscle mass. The big benefit is that it results in a gain of lean muscle mass and not the fatty tissues. It is considered better than soy protein for gaining lean muscle. Whey protein is rich in amino acid concentrates, making it effective in protein synthesis which is needed for muscle building. Attractive physique can be achieved with a low-carb diet, regular cardio exercises, and regular resistance training. Intake of whey protein powder supplement is beneficial for both men and women.

Weight Loss
Just because whey protein helps in muscle gain does not mean it cannot be used to lose weight. It helps gain only lean muscle mass so it can be used as a weight loss supplement as well. There is no fat gain which proves helpful in losing weight. It offers a healthy way to lose weight. Whey protein powder intake should be combined with regular exercises and a balanced diet to achieve weight loss goal. This protein helps lose unnecessary fat without any loss of lean muscles. It helps control hunger for processed, fatty, sugary and other unhealthy foods.

Control Hunger
Wheelhouse Nutrition Whey Protein Powder beverage can be used as a healthy snack in-between meals. It helps prevent craving for unhealthy foods that are high in fat, sugar, and salt. This high-quality protein supplement gives the user a feeling of a full stomach which in turn helps control hunger. A simple beverage made with this powder helps control unhealthy snacking habit.

Higher Immunity Power
Whey protein powder contains glutathione antioxidant which is very effective in improving the immune system. The bodybuilders, athletes and sports persons benefit from high level of immunity. They can recover quickly from common exercise injuries. A strong body immunity system is needed by everyone because it helps prevent common ailments. It aids in quick recovery from muscle stress, exercises injuries and illnesses.

Recommended Dosage
The dose of whey protein supplement depends on an individual’s particular health goals. For example, bodybuilders and athletes are going to need a higher dose of whey protein. A high intake of this supplement is not needed by people who are not into daily strenuous physical exercises or activities. Individuals who are unable to obtain the required amount of protein from their diet need to supplement their body’s protein requirement with a special protein supplement.

Wheelhouse Nutrition Protein Supplement
Whey protein powder supplements are manufactured the world over but all manufacturers do not use quality ingredients. Wheelhouse Nutrition Protein Supplements is made from grass fed and naturally sweetened whey protein. It is made from milk sourced from New Zealand dairy farms where the owners have to follow strict livestock farming and milk production laws. The milk must not contain chemicals, growth hormones, fillers, and antibiotics. Users buying Wheelhouse protein supplements are assured of the highest quality natural whey protein. This product is available in two flavors namely chocolate and vanilla. Even the flavorings used in its products are organic. Buyers are assured of natural tasting flavor.

The whey protein powder supplement of Wheelhouse can be ordered online. This supplement can be used to achieve different types of health goals. Whether a person wants to maintain good health or achieve a particular health goal like muscle gain, this protein supplement helps achieve all required health goals.

The Ultimate Guide

When it comes to hair follicle drug test, substances can be detected for several months or even years after consumption. The hair grows an average of one inch per month and traces of THC does not disappear. After three or four days, cannabinoids are completely eliminated from the blood. Urine screening allows the laboratory to identify occasional consumption until two to seven days later, and even longer in the case of regular consumption (seven to 21 days or more).

Saliva screening is sometimes used by the police for a check on motorists. It can detect a consumption dating from two to 10 hours. Its scientific reliability does not, however, reach consensus (existence of false positives). Whatever the test performed (blood, urine or saliva), they are aimed at detecting substances through the use of anti-THC antibodies, the presence of cannabinoid in the test fluid.

Depending on the type of test performed, a blood sample, urine (urine collection) or saliva (equivalent to a swab cotton swab), the user can employ various methods to prevent detection.

THC analysis

As an indication, it is estimated that the test is negative if the urinary concentration <25 to 50 ng/mL. The same applies to blood concentration <0.5 to 5 ng/mL (the blood test also quantifies 11OH-THC and THC-COOH). Salivary concentration <15 ng/mL (interpretation difficulties between 0.5 and 14.99 ng/mL).

Rapid drug testing can be done at home (and therefore anonymously), in a few minutes, without complex handling or sending to the laboratory. The issue of drugs is becoming a little more complex each year, with the proliferation of substances and risky behavior. Today, cannabis has become commonplace and that ecstasy pills are consumed in the evening with as little restraint.

It is therefore totally impossible for parents to know which drugs will be offered to their children. The same applies to associations that follow former addicts who are being weaned. If they choose to fall back on an alternative drug, it is impossible to know which one.

Paying attention to drugs in general, and not to a specific drug helps to avoid missing crucial information. Also, when one carries out frequent screenings with dissuasive purpose, the most effective method remains the tests of multi-drug screening, which is able to detect several drugs at the time.

The multi-drug tests have been specifically designed for this purpose; to make it possible to carry out a very wide prevention and covering all the drugs most used by young people and first-time consumers. They are very restrictive for people tested. No urine samples to be provided or blood taken in the laboratory. A simple salivary sampling is enough. They can detect drug use a few tens of minutes after the supposed intake.

In terms of pure efficacy, urinary tests are still a step ahead of salivary tests, even if they are reducing the gap.

How To Beat It

Are you looking to beat a hair follicle drug testing to help you get that elusive job, college admission, military recruitment or sports competition? You probably may have heard that this is not possible, but read through to get the gist of how to beat the hair follicle drug test the easy way. There are many varieties of drugs that get tested and cannabis is one of the most tested of these drugs. Cannabis can stay in the body for a very long time, and that it can be revealed through hair test. The reason hair drug test is gaining popularity is the fact that it can detect cannabis many years after the submitting or quit the substance. In addition, it can also provide evidence if someone consumed cannabis a few weeks before the test.

The hair has the capacity to store what an individual has consumed over time, meaning that presence of heavy metals, prescription, and illegal drugs can show up in your hair.
Here is how hair follicle drug test is taking the drug testing world by storm.

According to Omega Laboratories, hair testing detects five times as many users than other tests such as urine and blood tests. It is believed that cannabis compounds are transferred to the hair in their metabolite form via the body oils. Ideally, it takes a few days before the drug can be detected in a hair follicle test.

What Happens During the Test?

It is established that on average, hair grows a half an inch per month. Technicians will take the first ½ inch from the scalp of the head, a test that seeks to establish whether the subject has been on the drug for the last 90 days. This means that an average hair follicle test determines if the user was on the drug three months prior to the test. While it may take sometime before Cannabis shows up in the hair, it is extremely difficult to remove it once it has entrenched itself. This is the reason many employers prefer hair follicle testing to figure out how long an individual has been smoking cannabis.

How You Can Beat a hair follicle Test

It is tricky to pass a hair follicle drug test. Some people simply wash their hair and this will definitely not work for you because the metabolites of the drugs are contained in the hair and skin oils that are naturally released every single second. The only way is cutting all the hair and even then, technicians testing the presence of cannabis can go for hair from other parts of the body instead. Some specialized shampoos have been found to provide a coating material that prevents the detection. Detox shampoos instead of ordinary ones will work to help penetrate deep into the hair follicles to remove the oils that accumulate. This way, you are likely to pass a hair follicle drug test. There are many different detox shampoos out there, so you need to check and ascertain the efficacy of the product before you buy to avoid embarrassments at the time the test is taken.

When using the detox, it is important to take precaution to avoid any negative effects that come as a result of using the product.

Here are some of the things to look out for:

• Read the manual or the package directions
• Work in the shampoo in the hair thoroughly
• Do not blow-dry the hair after shampooing the hair. This will cause the hair follicles to release more oil
• Use a clean towel to rinse the water.
• Avoid using any hair care products before you go for the test
• Avoid contact with a person or loved one who consumes cannabis prior to the test or after shampooing your hair. Avoid visiting cannabis grow houses or any places that may carry contaminants.

Passing a hair follicle drug test requires the right strategy and the best knowledge. Remember this is a far tricky affair where not everything will go as planned. However, with the right product and the skill, passing a follicle drug test can be simple.

You can also apply a conditioner that will make your hair look natural to avoid any doubts or suspicion by the drug tester you are trying to beat. Do not take chances with your upcoming drug test, especially if it is to help you get admission into a college or land you important job placement.

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