Burn It Off

It doesn’t take much to scam a person. Create a product, add appeal, pack into a well-articulated sales pitch and you’re on your way to becoming an overnight millionaire. Well, that’s how some see it when they decide to venture into the diet and nutrition business.

The Dawn Of A New Age

As people, we are generally gullible. Which is why dietitians are always trying to shove one health product or another down our throats with the hope that some of us will bite and, ironically, lose weight. Bodyweight Burn is a weight loss product that has caused quite a stir in recent weeks, and quite understandably so. Forget tiresome workouts, throw away all those ‘fat burning’ tablets, welcome to the world of effective weight loss. Introducing, Bodyweight Burn, the next best thing since Zumba.

21 Minutes, That’s All It Takes

Bodyweight Burn is a workout regimen that consists of a series of short and effective daily workouts. All in all your workout will soon be reduced to three BW3 MultiBurn stages that keep you burning fat all day long.

MultiBurn Cardioflow

The body burns fat at a particular threshold beyond which no notable benefits can be harnessed. So, cardio flow is made up of traditional cardiovascular exercises that are spread out in such a way that they maximize on the body’s inherent ability to burn fat. Most of all, cardio flow has a moderate intensity about it that prevents the secretion of cortisol, a hormone whose release is prompted by excessive working out. Cortisol can make you gain weight, so cardio flow is there to bring balance, and it’s fun too!


More like dessert, but less enjoyable! The afterburner is yet another series of exercises, though a little more rigorous than cardio flow. The prescribed exercises are designed to ensure that the body’s metabolism is left running on autopilot. After this session, your body will -in an attempt to return to normal function and hormonal balance- burn calories in order to fuel the process of recovery. It’s so effective because you burn calories as you rest, sometimes for as long as 30 hours.

Metabolic Muscle Sessions

To seal the deal, the next thing on the menu are metabolic muscle sessions. Basically, you’ll be building lean muscle with a selected number of bulking and toning workouts. The whole idea is to build enough muscular strength to sustain longer and more demanding exercise. Therefore, the longer you can workout, the more fat you burn.

Now, onto the interesting part.

Review Bodyweight Burn – Is Bodyweight Burn A Scam? – Our Review Reveals All

From a strictly scientific standpoint Bodyweight burn is structured in such a way that when you minimize the intensity of your exercises and spread them out evenly, you burn much more fat than you normally would if you were spending an hour at the gym. It has been proven to be true.

The body can only take so much pounding, after which it naturally reclines into protective mode. This means that your usual fat burning jogs up and down the stairs will only be effective for a while. If it were a graph -vertical axis (length of time), the horizontal axis (effectiveness) then the graph would start with a sudden peak and slowly decline into a constant low.

Another thing that’s is gospel truth is that the more muscle you have, the more fat you will eventually burn during cardio. Moreover, as muscle tissue builds up it presses against fat reserves. This is yet another effective way to burn fat.

A Careful Afterthought

So, what are the odds that an overweight person will resist the temptation to try out Bodyweight Burn without a second thought? Not a chance. However, physiological and genetic makeup are two very important decisive factors worth considering. This program is not a one size fits all. Of course, allowance is made for such differences. But if you’re genetically configured to gain weight easily you will have to extend your sessions slightly.

Take It With A Pinch Of Salt

Furthermore, reviews should always be taken with a pinch of salt. Competition has resulted in rivalries being reduced to hollow disparaging that has no real worth to the user. All I can say for now is, try it out, the proof is in the pudding. After all, you have nothing to lose.